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Test Entry Rules

Updated Test Entry Rules

Please read the Test Entry Rules for 2023 as the process has changed. 

Test entry forms/fees will be accepted starting on January 9, 2023. The process is no longer a first-come-first-serve process and will switch to a lottery drawing that is explained in the Test Entry Rules. . 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Yankee Chapter Test Secretary: Nick Racioppi


1. Read and follow instructions of the Yankee Chapter Test Entry Rules on the Yankee Chapter website.

2. Complete the NAVHDA Test Entry Form. Please note, NAVHDA international may change this form, please use the most current version directly from the NAVHDA International website site.

3. Mail the COMPLETED form, along with your entry fee (or pay electronically) to:

Nick Racioppi 9 Pasture Road, Woolwich, ME 04579

Yankee Chapter Test Rules: YC_Test Entry Rules

NAVHDA 2021 Test Entry Form: NAVHDA Test Entry Form rev 01.2021

AIMS Program Test Rules

A reference guide for owners, handlers and judges of versatile hunting dogs in preparing for and
participating in North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association tests.

Please use PayPal Links below to pay your test entry fee(s) Note: Links will go live on January 9th

NA Test Fee

UPT & UT Test Fee