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Test Entry Rules

Test entries each year must be postmarked on or after February 15th. No entries will be accepted without a postmark.Entries received without the test entry fee will be deferred until payment is received, as will your entry date.

No handler may run more than 2 dogs in either the spring or fall test.

No entry fees will be refunded except (a) if an entry is filled with a replacement entry prior to four weeks before the test; (b) for a medical condition backed up by a doctor’s or veterinarian’s note; or (c) for entries on waiting list for which no room was found in a test.

Only the dog registered for a test will be able to participate. No substitutions will be allowed.

If a dog is pulled from a test, the waiting list will be used to fill the slot on a first come, first served basis. Re-entries will be placed on the bottom of the waiting list. It is recommended that the first dog on the Official Waiting List be present at the test site on test day in case an opening exists.

The NAVHDA website – – has an interactive NAVHDA Test Entry form in the Testing section (top of the page). You can bring that form up on your computer, fill it out, then print it and send it to the Yankee Chapter Test Secretary. If you choose to email the entry form, we will use the postmark date from your entry fee check as your entry date. You will not be able to save the completed form. The NAVHDA Test Entry form should be completely filled out, accompanied by a copy of the dog’s hip x-ray evaluation (if applicable) and the entry fee in the form of a check or money order payable to Yankee Chapter of NAVHDA, Inc. Entry fees will be deposited as they are received. Please look over the NAVHDA Test Entry form several times to make sure it is accurately filled out. If you are missing some information, send the form anyway, and we can fill in the missing data later. All names, whether dog or human, need to be their registered (with NAVHDA) name. If you call your dog Sam, then his call name is Sam, but his registered name may be Green Eggs and Sam. The NAVHDA dog registration number is your dog’s NAVHDA number that is on the Registration Certificate Pedigree you received from NAVHDA. If your dog is not registered with our fine organization, then do so by contacting the main office at 847-253-6488 or email Your NAVHDA member number is located on the mailing label just above your name on the Versatile Hunting Dog Magazine. It is a six-digit number like 005736 or 019934. You can also locate both these numbers online in the NAVHDA site.

Mail the form, along with your entry fee to:
Sandy Runyon, 973 Intervale Rd., New Gloucester, ME 04260

Fees: Natural Ability — $80 Utility Prep Test / Utility Test — $95

Owners (or at least one owner of co-owned dogs) and any handlers must be NAVHDA members in order to enter and run a dog. All dogs MUST be registered with NAVHDA.

We are not affiliated with AKC. They are a separate organization, therefore please do not put their Reg. #’s on our forms or send us their paperwork. (You may, however, have the judge sign certain AKC papers at the end of test day.)

The Test Secretary can only process test entry forms; please do not send membership applications. They need to be sent to the Yankee Chapter Treasurer, Mike Rinaldi.

Yankee Chapter Test Rules

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Test Entry
AIMS Program Test Rules

A reference guide for owners, handlers and judges of versatile hunting dogs in preparing for and
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