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August-September 2019 BDE Newsletter

Aug-Sept 2019Aug-Sept 2019

Happy Heat Wave,
Guess the line is, “be careful what you wish for!” I do believe the puddles have
finally dried. Muck Boots are now an option. Welcome to Summer.
Water Clinic 2019, huge success. It was absolutely incredible to watch the line of
vehicles pulling into Sugarfoot Kennels. The weather was perfect. The owner, David
Mosher, was in awe of the Yankee Chapters’ dedicated members. I looked around
and said, “this is like a huge family picnic”. The vast training venues at Sugarfoot
kept everyone happy and training. We have already reserved 2020.
We held our Semi Annual meeting at lunch during the Water Event. It was nice to
have so many members in attendance. Please check out the minutes in this
Chapter business…
Drew and Lauren Burdick welcomed their daughter Ruby into their family.
Bob Brey and company have begun their summer mowing schedule Huge thanks
for all those volunteer hours.
Newsletter Redesign!
The Barking Dog Express will now be published five times a year with more training and hunting articles, a photo showcase, and
a Yankee youth page. Be sure to keep an eye on Facebook for member news, the Yankeee website galleries for event photos,
and chapter emails for announcements. The look will also mirror our wonderful new website!
Oct/Nov/Dec-Fall Test Recap & Upcoming Hunting Season Jan/Feb-Hunting Recap & Upcoming Winter Events
Mar/Apr-Annual Meetings Reports & Winter Recap May/June-Mega Training Issue
July/Aug/Sept-Spring Test Recap & Summer Issue
We ordered gravel that was delivered to Green Point to fill in the small “mud run” we had at the spring events. Andy Baker offered his
time and expertise to put the road back in order.
NAVHDA Apprentice Hunter Camp was a huge success. We had a record number of campers, mentors and supporters. Incredible
memories were created, despite the near triple digit temps. Camille Noldan offered to capture the camp in her photos. They were
incredible. Do not miss them.
Condolences to Brian and Karen Pike who sadly had to say goodbye to their sweet dog, Tessie.
Condolences to Casey and Shawn Mowers who said goodbye to their special family friend, Rusty.
Yankee Chapter’s tradition is to leave the month of August to family. I am sure we will meet in the fields or waters. Please be safe and
have fun, laugh a lot.
See you in late August,